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Rent La Jolla Shores LLC ("RLJS") offers an ocean view condo for rent in La Jolla, California.* We are a small, "mom & pop" business dedicated to providing personal, friendly service. My name is Dan and I'm the managing member of the LLC and also the janitor, which gives you an idea of the size of our company.

We love our tenants and we are a company with a conscience...


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Shore Tower La Jolla Rental Service™

Shore Tower La Jolla Rental Service™

Luxurious ocean view condo in La Jolla Shores.

We don't like bugs any more than you do. We do like pets, people, and a healthy environment, which is why we do not conduct routine pest control with toxic chemicals.

We can help our residents keep our properties pest-free, but you'll find that we start with a non-toxic or low-toxicity "natural" approach if possible before resorting to harsher methods. We thank our residents for keeping clean rental premises to help avoid attracting bugs and rodents.



If you commute outside La Jolla, living in The Shores can save you 10+ minutes every day compared to living in La Jolla's Village, Bird Rock or Muirlands areas because of easier access to local freeways.

*Our Marina del Rey property was transferred to another LLC in October 2016. See here for details.

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